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v t e Current U.S. The M16A1 Rifle: Operation and Preventive Maintenance. The new stock included a fully textured polymer buttplate for better grip on the shoulder, and retained a panel for accessing a small compartment inside the stock, often used for storing a basic cleaning kit. Jane's Infantry Weapons 1995/1996. Adaptive Combat Rifle List of Colt AR-15 variants list of all Colt AR-15 and M16 variants Colt 9mm SMG Comparison of the AK-47 and M16 Daewoo K2, Republic of Korea Armed Forces (South Korea) assault rifle List of individual weapons of the U.S. The M16 has always enjoyed a reputation for excellent accuracy.[102][103] Its light recoil, high-velocity and flat trajectory allow shooters to take head shots out to 300 meters.[102][104] Newer M16s use the newer M855 cartridge increasing their effective range to 600 meters.[105] They are also more accurate than their predecessors and are capable of shooting 13 inch groups at 100 yards.[106][107] "In Fallujah, Marines with ACOG-equipped M16A4s created a stir by taking so many head shots that until the wounds were closely examined, some observers thought the insurgents had been executed."[108] The newest M855A1 EPR cartridge is even more accurate and during testing ".has shown that, on average, 95 percent of the rounds will hit within an 8 x 8-inch target at 600 meters."[109].


World Policy Institute. In early 2010, two journalists from the New York Times spent three months with soldiers and Marines in Afghanistan. None. ^ a b c d e f g h Report of the M16 rifle review panel. Black Rifle II The M16 Into the 21st Century. (2012-01-06).


Specifications at the Wayback Machine (archived 25 July 2011). By 1989, the Air Force started to replace the earlier barrels with 1/7 rifled models for use with the M855-round. Only 19 percent of M16 users (226 troops) reported a stoppage, while 80 percent of those that experienced a stoppage said it had little impact on their ability to clear the stoppage and re-engage their target. recommended that all NATO forces adopt the 5.5645mm cartridge.[71] This shift represented a change in the philosophy of the military's long-held position about caliber size. The barrel profile under the handguards remained the same as the M16A1 for compatibility with the M203 grenade launcher. Notes[edit]. The magazine chosen to become the STANAG magazine was originally designed for the U.S. Wound profiles in ballistic gelatin Note: images are not to same scale M16 M193 5.5645mm M16A2 SS109/M855 5.5645mm NATO . 24365d85ca

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