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The Society Of The Spectacle Debord Pdf Download


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The Society Of The Spectacle Debord Pdf Download


Every given commodity fights for itself, cannot acknowledge the others, and attempts to impose itself everywhere as if it were the only one. But the very success of a bureaucracy in its fundamental project of industrialization necessarily contains the perspective of its historical defeat: by accumulating capital it accumulates a proletariat and thus creates its own negation in a country where it did not yet exist. 196. Anarchism remains a merely ideological negation of the State and of classes, namely of the social conditions of separate ideology. 156. Universal history was born in cities and reached maturity at the moment of the decisive victory of city over country. The totalitarian-ideological class in power is the power of a topsy-turvy world: the stranger it is, the more it claims not to exist, and its force serves above all to affirm its nonexistence. A dictatorship without badge, without title, without official right, yet all the more powerful because it will have none of the appearances of power. In the image of the society happily unified by consumption, real division is only suspended until the next non-accomplishment in consumption. Trotsky remained basically in solidarity with the high bureaucracy until 1927, seeking to capture it so as to make it resume genuinely Bolshevik action externally (it is known that in order to conceal Lenins famous testament he went so far as to slanderously disavow his supporter Max Eastman, who had made it public).


71. 6. The revolutionary project of realizing a classless society, a generalized historical life, is the project of a withering away of the social measure of time, to the benefit of a playful model of irreversible time of individuals and groups, a model in which independent federated times are simultaneously present. Mans appropriation of his own nature is at the same time his grasp of the unfolding of the universe. The masters who make history their private property, under the protection of myth, possess first of all a private ownership of the mode of illusion: in China and Egypt they long held a monopoly over the immortality of the soul, just as their famous early dynasties are imaginary arrangements of the past. But by way of this detour returns the human negative anxiety which had been at the very origin of the entire development that had fallen asleep. bd40bc7c7a

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